Ysceifiog in the Domesday Book

Ysceifiog appears as both Schiviau and Schinan in Domesday Book in 1086. In the picture below, the entry is marked with an asterisk in the margin.

The Domesday Book entries list the following:

Hundred: Atiscross

County: Cheshire

Total population: 1.5 households

Households: 3 villagers

Lord in 1086: Earl Hugh of Chester.

Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Earl Hugh of Chester.

Atiscross or Ati's Cross was one of the original twelve Hundreds of Cheshire bordering the Kingdom of Gwynedd to the west and covering an area which included Broughton, Hawarden and Wepre.  Atiscross became part of Flintshire during the reign of Edward I.

The Lincoln Taxation (of 1291) has the village listed as Skeynyanc and it wasn’t until the Tudor era that the name began taking on its present form, as with Yskeifioc in the period 1550-1562.