Flintshire County Council Recycling and Waste Consultation

Letter received from Flintshire County Council  

30th September 2019

Dear Clerk

Flintshire County Councils existing Waste Management Strategy was implemented in 2009 and covers a period of time up until 2025. During the period of the strategy, the Council’s waste service has undergone fundamental change, developing from a weekly, back-door waste collection service to a modern, highly controlled service, which places the emphasis on reuse and recycling.

The main driver for this change has been the Statutory Recycling Targets which are set for each Council by Welsh Government. Back in 2010 Flintshire’s recycling level stood at about 40% but driven by the provision of a weekly recycling collection service, fortnightly residual waste collections and a high degree of customer engagement, the recycling level currently stands at almost 70%. This makes Flintshire the third best performing County in Wales and the best performing urban or semi urban authority by some margin.

The recycling success is to be celebrated, however, the Council cannot be complacent with this performance as Welsh Government have indicated that the targets may be raised and a figure of 80% (or even 90%) has been discussed as a potential target for recycling in the future. Also, the types of waste that can report on as recycled may change. If items such as Soil and Rubble or wood cannot be claimed, the performance will be impacted significantly.

With the current Waste Strategy coming to an end and a national drive towards protecting the environment, there is now an opportunity to review how we deliver our recycling and collection service as, despite all the hard work and success to date, there continues to be waste items collected that could be recycled.

Therefore, the Council is undertaking a public consultation to engage with residents on the current and future waste services. Feedback is be required on:

  • How residents currently use the service

  • What restricts a person’s ability to recycle

  • What could we do to make sure that recycling potential is maximized into the future?

This matter is open to consultation until the 31 October 2019 via a short survey available on the Flintshire County Council website. This web page includes further details on the current recycling and waste services, what happens to the waste collected, frequently asked questions and much more. Please take the time to review this information and complete the survey, your input is valued.

In addition to online information, a number of community engagement ‘drop in’ events are taking place across the County for members of the public to come and discuss all matters recycling and waste with members of the team. These will be held at the following locations.

  • Buckley Connects Centre Monday 7 October 10am-2pm

  • Mold Connects Centre Wednesday 9 October 10am-2pm

  • Flint Connects Centre Friday 11 October 10am-2pm

  • Connah’s Quay Connects Centre Tuesday 15 October 10am-2pm

  • Holywell Connects Centre Thursday 17 October 10am-2pm

You are encouraged to attend one of the sessions and it would be appreciated if you could promote these events in your area to ensure as many people as possible attend.

Yours Sincerely,

Ruth Cartwright
Regulatory Services Manager
For Chief Officer
(Streetscene and Transportation)

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