For the next few weeks, can all residents please refrain from feeding any stray cats. Especially around Bryn Heulog.

We are in the process of trapping them so they can be taken to Caerwys Vet to be neutered. This process will be a lot quicker and easier if the cats are hungry enough to be enticed by the food in the trap

[Rest assured all neutered cats are treated to a feast of sardines before being released after recovering from the anesthetic]

Flintshire CC Active Travel Integrated Network Map Proposals

On 3rd July, Flintshire County Council launched its consultation on its draft Active Travel Integrated Network Map proposals. 
Please follow the link below to the consultation page:

The consultation, which will run from 3rd July to 24th September 2017, is an opportunity for the public to have their say on the proposals set out on the Integrated Network Map. You can respond to these consultation proposals by emailing

What happens next?

Consultation responses will be considered with a view to amending the proposals on the Map where it is deemed appropriate. 

A Consultation Report will be published and the Integrated Network Map will be submitted to Welsh Government for approval by 3rd November 2017.

Superfast Broadband and local not-spots / slow-spots

A request for your assistance from Cllr. Tudor Jones

There is a Welsh Government consultation about broadband speeds due to close on 13th July.

The feedback will be instrumental in them putting pressure on the provider companies to get more done. I’m aware that there are many different levels of service in our ward and I’m asking if you’ll help me to stimulate a good response from local users.

I’m aware that what the WG publish is not correct and so I need to get a better snapshot of the present local situation e.g. they state that I’m at least 3 years away from getting superfast broadband (in Babell) but the junction boxes and fibre cables are on the poles outside my house.

May I ask you to do a ‘Speed Checker’ test and send me the results with an indication of where you live and who your provider is.  I don’t need any personal information but can you return your results asap.

My intention is to target the areas with the weakest signals with the information they need to submit a response to the Welsh Government before the July deadline in the hope that they can move us up the priority list for connection.

Finally may I ask if we can use the same site to check our speeds =

Download speed =
Upload Speed =
Your provider  
Approximate location (e.g. Afonwen, Pen y Cefn, etc.)

Thank you



Ysgol Licswm is 170 years old

Ysgol Licswm will be 170 years old this year - it was established as a British School in 1847.  The school would like to celebrate this summer with an event for all past pupils, staff, and parents.  If you have artifacts, photos, or memories we would really like you to get in touch so we can create an exhibition and organise the event .

Please email or phone 01352 780455 even if it's just to say that you'd like to come and celebrate with us, so we can gauge the level of interest.

Fibre Optic Broadband

We have been informed that the installation of Superfast Broadband in now near completion.
It is also clear, however, that many outlying properties may not be able to access this service due to their distance from the new fibre optic network.
It has been highlighted to the Community Council the one option residents and businesses in these properties may wish to consider is the high-speed 4G mobile broadband services which are currently available from both "EE" and "3".

"Celebrate Holywell"

Dear citizens of Holywell & District

I am writing on behalf of the Holywell Town Partnership about a “Celebrate Holywell!” event in the summer.

Despite current difficulties facing the town, no-one can deny that we have in Holywell wonderful assets – auniquely rich historic heritage and a quaint, attractive High Street – all set in beautiful, diverse countryside.

Most vital of all however is our impressive range of hard-working voluntary organisations! Hopefully you will agree that now is the time when we do need to come together, celebrate what we’ve got, and take advantage of an opportunity to strengthen our “social capital”.

The Transition Holywell & District group has managed to gain a grant of £2,000 from the Big Lottery “Celebrate Wales” fund, and two events are being planned – the main one on Saturday July 1st in the High Street.  We are of course always dependent on the weather, but we hope that as many groups as possible can contribute to making the High St event – featuring “Holywell through the Ages” -  as lively and colourful as possible, drawing large crowds.

We already have various “medieval” entertainers lined up – and the Rotary Club will provide a stocks !

It would be really good to see the Street decorated and full of stalls and activities representing local organisations such as yours. Maybe you can come up with ideas of your own?  Could you provide a stall? – or maybe some entertainment or games? Could your group adopt an epoch and get decked up as Romans/Victorians/Flappers etc etc? Or maybe you could help with promoting the event? or decorating the Street? (lamp-posts/trees/shops  etc)?   Would you be able to join with your banner in a grand parade through the town and to the Well and back – led by medieval musicians etc?.  .

We would be grateful if you could please discuss this with your members at your next meeting, and respond as soon as possible to let us knowwhetheryour group is able to take part or contribute in any way.  Your support would be most appreciated, and your suggestions welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely,

Roberta Owen
Transition Holywell & District Rep on the Town Partnership.
(For information about the Partnership contact Martin Fearnley tel 711757 Wed, Thurs, Friday)