Members' Financial and Other Interests


Section 81 of the Local Government Act 2000 requires a Community Council to maintain and publish a register of members' financial and other interests as are specified in the Model Code of Conduct (prescribed by Order under section 50 of the 2000 Act).

Prior to commencement of Section 58 of the Act, the register needed to be available for inspection at Council offices (in the case of Ysceifiog Community Council at Flintshire County Council's offices) at all reasonable hours.

Section 58 of the Act requires that from 1st May 2015 entries into this register are also published electronically.

By clicking on the dates below, declaration forms from the Community Council Meetings held in 2015-18 can be downloaded (only the dates of meetings where declarations were made are listed).

January 2015

January 2016

February 2017

May 2017

From January 2019 onward declarations are captured in the table below.


(A) The personal interest is not prejudicial* and I took part in the item

(B) The personal interest is prejudicial* and I left the meeting when the item was discussed

(C) The personal interest is prejudicial* but I have a dispensation

(*A prejudicial interest is a personal interest which is so significant that an informed member of the public would reasonably believe it is likely that the Member would be unable to act in the public interest on this matter)

Declaration Of Interest Form July 2019-1.jpg