Superfast Broadband and local not-spots / slow-spots

A request for your assistance from Cllr. Tudor Jones

There is a Welsh Government consultation about broadband speeds due to close on 13th July.

The feedback will be instrumental in them putting pressure on the provider companies to get more done. I’m aware that there are many different levels of service in our ward and I’m asking if you’ll help me to stimulate a good response from local users.

I’m aware that what the WG publish is not correct and so I need to get a better snapshot of the present local situation e.g. they state that I’m at least 3 years away from getting superfast broadband (in Babell) but the junction boxes and fibre cables are on the poles outside my house.

May I ask you to do a ‘Speed Checker’ test and send me the results with an indication of where you live and who your provider is.  I don’t need any personal information but can you return your results asap.

My intention is to target the areas with the weakest signals with the information they need to submit a response to the Welsh Government before the July deadline in the hope that they can move us up the priority list for connection.

Finally may I ask if we can use the same site to check our speeds =

Download speed =
Upload Speed =
Your provider  
Approximate location (e.g. Afonwen, Pen y Cefn, etc.)

Thank you